About Us


Hello and welcome to Riverview Fabrics! My name is Megan, and I founded this sustainable fabric shop with the goal of making environmentally and socially responsible fabrics available to small businesses and individual makers.

I am a maker myself. My grandma taught me how to sew when I was twelve, and I just fell in love with fabric and really making anything. I went to Carnegie Mellon to become a mechanical engineer. I learned how to make things out of other materials, how to make things move. But the stuff I was making just wasn’t having enough of a positive impact on the world.

The ah-ha moment came when a representative from Thread came to speak to one of my MBA classes about social entrepreneurship and the problems that they were trying to solve by turning plastic bottles into fabric. They were helping the environment by removing the plastic from the streets, canals, and oceans, and also creating jobs for people in countries where jobs were scarce. I was hooked immediately and wanted to be a part of it.

Thread said that they were pivoting their business model from a fabric shop to making products out of their fabric in order to better fulfill their mission. So then I decided to start my own sustainable fabric shop, where I could sell Thread recycled polyester, organic cotton, and other fabrics that are safe for us and our planet.

In the future, I hope to be able to expand inventory to various types of fabrics in many different colors and prints. Perhaps, also, sewing supplies that are ethically made from natural and recycled materials. Let me know what you’d like to see!


Relationship with Thread

Riverview Fabrics is a completely separate company to Thread. Riverview Fabrics is a reseller of Thread fabrics and other sustainable fabrics with the mission of making these materials available to small businesses and individual makers.

Return Policy

Fabric cannot be returned. If you're unsure if a color or style is the right fit for your application, we do sell swatches.



Most orders are shipped the day after they are placed. If there is an expected delay in order fulfillment, an announcement will be posted on the home page about when orders are expected to ship.

We do use plastic when shipping, but we make sure that it's recycled and can also be reused. We try to minimize the amount of materials used when shipping while still protecting your fabric. If your order comes in a box, there is a good chance that that box has already been used once or twice. If you live in the Pittsburgh area, we can arrange a pick-up. Let's work together to minimize waste!



We do not offer wholesale at this time, but please see below for quantity discounts.


Quantity Discounts

The website is currently not set up to do automatic quantity discounts, so please send a message with your order so that we can send you an invoice with the corrected pricing.

The price breaks are as follows:

5-9 yards => 5%

10-14 yards => 10%

15+ yards => 15%

If you are looking to order Thread recycled polyester by the roll, there is a 20% discount. Quantity per roll varies, so please ask!